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This is Rudie, someone left the front gate open and he was let out with two of our other dogs. The neighbors called to have the boys removed and two bike cops showed up and chased them into the street. Rudie was hit and he has sustained injuries in the 1400-1800 range due to needing constant supervision while in shock. The bike cops filed no report and kept pedaling. The driver stopped to make sure everyone was okay (rudie was in shock and has internal bleeding as well as superficial gashes all over his face, neck, and legs). Please, if you can, please give anything to help with his medical cost. Even if you can’t give please share this so anyone who can might be able to. 


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To anyone else out there with mild to severe self-consciousness, body dysmorphia, or any other general lack of self-body-lovin’ : here’s a little nugget of inspiration that helped me out today. 

I was walking down the street after hours of staring at mirrors in fitting rooms at the mall, with an unpleasant taste in my mouth due to not being able to focus on the clothes I was trying on, because I was so unhappy with the body that inhabited them. As I looked at my shadow, I thought “that’s what I want to look like.”. I saw thin, long legs and hair that flowed without being able to see the frizz. And then I thought to myself that this beauty ideal I had just come up with is a) still ME, just viewed from a different perspective, and b) always right there beside me, no matter what.

Yes. This. Thank you for articulating exactly what I was feeling when I was too angry to do so myself. This commercial is straight up offensive.


Can we talk about this Slimful commercial and the advertising for one second?  Can we also talk about how incredibly angry this commercial makes me every time that I see it?

In a world where thin is the “ideal” body type and various eating disorders have become more prevalent, why would a product ever want to have a tag line claiming “Eating less is a beautiful thing”?  And to treat it like it’s a surprise to women everywhere?

This does not take into account the fact that while, yes, portion control is remarkably important to losing weight, the most important part about weight loss is maintaining a balance of vitamins and nutrients through what you eat.  You want to have the right amount of protein, a fair amount of the right carbohydrates, even the right types of fat among plenty of others, to make sure that the body works like a well oiled machine.  But, more importantly, you’re going to want to make sure that each of those things works with your individual body type.

Weight loss is not an overreaching one-size-fits-all sort of program.  People need to incorporate healthy eating with a healthier lifestyle for all of these aspects to truly work.  There needs to be a dedication to moving more - through walking, yoga, pilates, running up and down a flight of stairs, tai chi, etc. - because a sedentary lifestyle does not allow the body to burn what it needs to burn.

Yet, I digress.  For any number of people - especially those who don’t have a great grasp on nutrition or eating right, but also those who are looking to lose weight quickly, and those who fight with eating disorders - Slimful looks like a perfect opportunity for a meal replacement, or to perpetuate unhealthy eating habits while looking to lose weight.  Because, the way Slimful comes across (even though it shows relatively healthy looking food in the commercial), as long as you eat less, you will lose.  This does not explain that one must eat healthy food, so theoretically, it could be anything on one’s plate.

I won’t go into major detail, but for those individuals who don’t have a great grasp on nutrition or eating healthier, a large percentage may come from lower socio-economic status, with less of a budget to spend on healthy food.  Perhaps they lived in an area where Health class didn’t have a great budget and they sort of mentioned the food pyramid and that was it.  Maybe it’s a whole number of reasons.  But, in looking at these advertisements, if these individuals are going to see it on TV, they could fall prey to these disordered thoughts about food, health, weight, and eating as a result.

But, I think the things that make me most angry about their marketing are the fact that it’s marketed directly to women, but the product itself is chock filled with terrible ingredients.  Women are more likely to have eating disorders than men because of an image of perfection in the media and in every day life.  Women are supposed to be thin and beautiful, even if it means eating close to nothing - regardless of what actually is on the plate.  Women are supposed to be this impossible ideal and the only positive thing a woman could do is eat less and weigh less.

Between Slimful and the Special K commercial asking “What will you gain when you lose?,” women (and young girls) have advertising negatively impacting their body image.  There is this unwritten rule that all women need to diet, to lose weight, no matter what.  Such flawed logic does not take into account how weight is not exclusive to fat, and how muscle itself weighs more (a problem in using the BMI system, as well).

Furthermore, weight does not dictate health or beauty or any other aspect of a person’s body other than their density as a result of the direct relationship between the earth and gravity.  The weight loss programs, diet fads, and companies (except for a very select few) do not provide opportunities for this education, and come out with marketing such as Slimful, and it’s all catered right to women.

As I mentioned, it’s filled with terrible ingredients.  How are things like corn sugar, maltodextrin, and sugar supposed to help lose weight?  Sugar and corn syrup are the culprits of weight gain more often than not.  What Slimful is selling is a glorified candy bar with few natural ingredients and it’s supposed to help you lose weight.

How about no.

How about we educate our children and friends and family about healthy food, healthy living, and delicious food that actually keeps us full for the time that we need it?  How about we actually do something in the world that helps us educate everyone about finding affordable but healthy produce that can be made into healthy portions?  How about we actually focus on making our nation less of a fad diet nation and actually focus on real nutrition in the long run?





The Bullshit Police in “Friend Zone”

Written by SungWon ProZD Cho

Illustrated by Jackson Siro Wyse


*We don’t actually know how the government works.


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okay so i finally finished this comic for my design class! i might eventually print it in small booklets or make multiple episodes/issues if enough interest is expressed. if you reblog this and you would be interested in purchasing/reading issues of this or comics like this, please say so so that i can gauge whether or not this is something i should pursue! <3

the final image is what the back cover will look like if i print it!

EDIT: the phrase “sorry my friendship is a crappy consolation prize” is adapted from a post by tumblr user pampampam!

EDIT 2: i added the page in between 2 and 3 to make the friendzoner’s reaction make more sense and to better communicate the point i was trying to make with this comic!

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I seriously just had to teach my mother some basics of parenting.

Both photos are of my daughter in October, the first in 2011, the second in 2012.  I let her pick out her own clothes, shoes, haircuts, hair colors, anything superficial, really.  She’s too young to understand the permanence of piercings, so she doesn’t have any.  But hair grows, shoes get grown out of, clothes go threadbare.  These things don’t really matter—shouldn’t really matter—but anyone raising a gender-variant child knows the world isn’t that kind.

My daughter recently requested a haircut like mine.  A long flop on top, pixie-length fade on the back and sides.  She’s been bugging me for weeks to color her hair again, I just haven’t had the time.  But today she came to me with the same shyness she keeps developing when outside our home; she’s being pressured by peers and family to look “normal,” to grow her hair long and uncolored, to dress a certain way (she hates to match), to indulge in self-consciousness, and alter or not alter her appearance to gain the approval of others, and society at large.


I called my mother tonight, because my daughter had become shy again, and didn’t want to color her hair anymore, and she said it was because of what her Nana had said to her.  My mother told me we should get that spray-on Halloween hair colors, so it wouldn’t be so “permanent” and my daughter could be “normal” again to avoid being bullied.


I know she gets teased sometimes, and we always talk about it.  She stays strong and confident, so long as she has the support of those around her.  But what that support falters, or pulls a 180, she’s left to crash.

She also gets teased for liking dinosaurs and not dolls.  She gets teased for preferring roughhousing to playing house.  She gets teased for liking Lightning McQueen and not Cinderella.  Where do we draw the line?

My mother thinks this is a “minor” thing, that it’s better to just blend in.  But it would plant the seed of doubt, it forms the foundation for queer kids staying in the closet, for disabled kids to feel worthless, for young girls accepting abusive partners.  This is not “minor,” it is fucking MAJOR, because this is my daughter’s foundation, and it will shape her life.

Support your fucking kids.  Let them be who they want to be, look how they want to look, and play how they want to play.  And make sure they know that you will love them no matter what.

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What is with creepy dudes who take the ENTIRE time they pass my shop front window to creepily stare inside?

Just stahp.

If there wasn’t a slim margin of possibility that they were actually side-ogling the sample floor mats (ten feet away from me) and were potential customers, I would start making faces at them, 5-year old style.

I&#8217;m not sure if this is supposed to be funny or not. Thoughts?

I’m not sure if this is supposed to be funny or not. Thoughts?

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